Price Dunaway

Chief Operating Officer, Integrated Medical Professioals
Chief Operating Officer, New York Metro Market

In addition to his role as Chief Executive Officer, New York Metro Market at Solaris Health, Price Dunaway is the Chief Operating Officer at Integrated Medical Professionals (IMP). He has thirty-five years’ experience in both private and public healthcare companies, coming to IMP from HealthTronics, Inc. (HTRN- NASDAQ).

At HealthTronics, Dunaway was Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of the Urology Services Division and also served as a member of the Board of Directors. Before joining HealthTronics, he specialized in fast-growth privately held healthcare companies. Prior to his tenure with HealthTronics, Dunaway was Chief Financial Officer of Osbon Medical Systems, Inc., a medical device and diagnostic equipment supplier that was sold to UroHealth. He was Chief Operating Officer of Lenox Optical, Inc., a chain of one hour superopticals that was sold to LensCrafters, Inc.

Dunaway was a regular guest lecturer at the Business School of Augusta State University, where he also served on the Board of Trustees of the Augusta State University Foundation.