Affiliate Leadership

Solaris Health affiliates are, in fact, part of independent urology. Local leadership provides strategy and guidance but is supported by the leadership of a national network that ensures cutting-edge patient care.

Integrated Medical Professionals
New York Metro Market

Dr. Deepak Kapoor
Deepak A. Kapoor, MD

Chairman and CEO, Integrated Medical Professionals
President, New York Metro Market
Chief Ecosystem Officer, Solaris Health
Chairman, Solaris Health Board

Price Dunaway

Chief Operating Officer, Integrated Medical Professionals
Chief Operating Officer, New York Metro Market

The Urology Group
Greater Cincinnati Market

Gary M. Kirsh, MD

President, The Urology Group
President, Greater Cincinnati Market
President & CEO, Solaris Health
Member, Solaris Health Board

Earl Walz

Chief Executive Officer, The Urology Group
Chief Executive Officer, Greater Cincinnati Market

MidLantic Urology
Philadelphia Market

Michael Hagg, MD
Michael Hagg, MD

Chairman of the Board, MidLantic Urology
Market President, Philadelphia

Jon Mackler

Chief Operating Officer, MidLantic Urology
Chief Operating Officer, Philadelphia Market

Associated Urological Specialists
Chicago Market

Rajesh Patel, MD

President, Associated Urological Specialists
Member, Solaris Health Board

Ryan Weber, MBA

Chief Operating Officer, Associated Urological Specialists

Advanced Urology Associates
Chicago Market

Ryan Manecke, MD

Market President, Advanced Urology Associates

Walter Garbarczyk

Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Urology Associates

Michigan Institute of Urology

Mitchell Hollander, MD

Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Institute of Urology
Market President, Michigan
Chief Innovation Officer, Solaris Health
Vice Chairman Solaris Health Board

Nicole Brach

Chief Operating Officer, Michigan Institute of Urology

Colorado Springs Urological Associates

J. Abram McBride, MD

President, Colorado Springs Urological Associates

Tessa Kelley, RN, MBA

Chief Operating Officer, Colorado Springs Urological Associates

Anne Arundel Urology
Maryland Market

Mara Holton, MD
Mara Holton, MD

President & CEO, Anne Arundel Urology
Member, Solaris Health Board

Karen Serrano

Chief Operating Officer, Anne Arundel Urology

Advanced Urology Institute
Florida Market

Dr. Scott Selling
Scott Sellinger, MD, FACS

President, Advanced Urology Institute
Advisor, Advanced Prostate Cancer Therapeutics, Solaris Health
Member, Solaris Health Board

Erica Williams, MBA

Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Urology Institute

Chicago Market

Richard Harris, MD, FACS

Chief Executive Officer, UroPartners
Chief Strategy Officer, Solaris Health
Member, Solaris Health Board

Nick Radonjic
Nick Radonjic

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, UroPartners

Lowcountry Urology Clinics
South Carolina Market

John Britton, MD

President, Lowcountry Urology Clinics
Member, Solaris Health Board

Van Hendry, MHSA

Chief Operating Officer, Lowcountry Urology Clinics

Spokane Urology
Washington Market

Raymond Lance, MD

President, Spokane Urology
Member, Solaris Health Board

Sarah Patchin

Chief Operating Officer (Interim), Spokane Urology

Urologic Specialists of Northwest Indiana

Manoj Rao, MD

Managing Partner, Urologic Specialists of Northwest Indiana
Member, Solaris Health Board

LeeAnn Shea, MBA

Chief Operations Officer, Urologic Specialists of Northwest Indiana