Solaris Health is one of the most impactful urology organizations in the United States, with more member physicians than any other provider of urological and specialty services.

Solaris Health physicians span six states (Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio).

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  • Dr. Vishesh Agrawal
    Vishesh Agrawal, MD

  • Max Ahn, MD
    Max Ahn, MD

  • Dr. Mykola Alyskewycz
    Mykola R. Alyskewycz, MD

  • Melanie I. Amster, MD
    Melanie I. Amster, MD

  • Donald H. Andersen, MD
    Donald H. Andersen, MD

  • Dr. Ann Anderson
    Ann E. Anderson, MD, FCAP

  • Elizabeth J. Anoia-Loftus, MD
    Elizabeth J. Anoia-Loftus, MD

  • Paurush Babbar, MD

  • Dr. Carlton Barnswell
    Carlton B. Barnswell, MD

  • Dr. Naima Begum
    Naima Begum, PA

  • Laurence H. Belkoff, DO, MSc. FACOS
    Laurence H. Belkoff, DO, MSc. FACOS

  • Harvey Bellin, MD
    Harvey Bellin, MD

  • Dr. Stephen Bennett
    Stephen Bennett, MD

  • Aaron D. Berger, MD

  • Leigh Scott Bergmann, MD
    Leigh Scott Bergmann, MD

  • Dr. Steven Berman
    Steven M. Berman, MD

  • Guy Thomas Bernstein, MD
    Guy Thomas Bernstein, MD

  • Dr. Aaron Bey
    Aaron Bey, MD

  • Ewa Blachowicz, MSN, APN-BC

  • Dennis R. Braun, MD
    Dennis R. Braun, MD

  • D. Christopher Brooks, MD
    D. Christopher Brooks, MD

  • Dr. Philip Buffington
    Philip Buffington, MD

  • Richard T. Byrnes, MD

  • David Cahn, DO, MBS, FACOS
    David Cahn, DO, MBS, FACOS

  • Dr. Kevin Campbell
    Kevin Campbell, MD

  • Dr. Andrew Chan
    Andrew J. Chan, MD

  • Dr. Mark Chang
    Mark Chang, MD, FACS

  • Robert S. Charles, MD, FACS
    Robert S. Charles, MD, FACS

  • Grant Chavin, MD

  • Michael Augustus Chiusano, DO
    Michael Augustus Chiusano, DO

  • Dr. Christopher Cirulli
    Christopher Cirulli, MD

  • Dr. Maria Contreras
    Maria Contreras, NP

  • Larry Alan Cutler, MD
    Larry Alan Cutler, MD

  • George Dakwar, MD
    George Dakwar, MD

  • John DeFranco, MD

  • Dr. John DelRowe
    John D. Del Rowe, MD

  • Dr. Mark Delworth
    Mark Delworth, MD

  • Dr. Shekar Dheenan
    Shekar Dheenan, MD

  • Dr. Ezriel Diamond
    Ezriel Diamond, MD

  • Gregory J. Diorio, DO
    Gregory J. Diorio, DO

  • Dr. Michael Dourmashkin
    Michael R. Dourmashkin, MD

  • Dr. Michael Dusing
    Michael Dusing, MD

  • Dr. Brooke Edwards
    Brooke Edwards, MD

  • Dr. Mitchell Efros
    Mitchell D. Efros, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Evan Eisenberg
    Evan R. Eisenberg, MD, FACS

  • David J. Ellis, MD, FACS
    David J. Ellis, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Alexander Epelbaum
    Alexander Epelbaum, MD, FACS

  • Louis Faiella, III, MD, FACS

  • Mathew Fakhoury, DO

  • Keitha Farley, NP

  • Douglas Feeney, MD

  • Theodore Felderman, MD

  • Dr. Michael Ficazzola
    Michael Ficazzola, MD, FACS

  • Joseph Fisch, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Jonathan Fleischmann
    Jonathan Fleischmann, MD, MMS, FACS

  • Dr. Ryan Flynn
    Ryan Flynn, MD

  • Dr. Peter Fried
    Peter Fried, MD

  • Dr. Constantin Friedman
    Constantin Friedman, MD, PhD

  • Joceline S. Fuchs, MD
    Joceline S. Fuchs, MD

  • Dr. Matthew Fulton
    Matthew Fulton, MD

    Robert John Gary, MD

  • Darlene Gaynor-Krupnick, DO, FACOS
    Darlene Gaynor-Krupnick, DO, FACOS

  • Dr. Carl Gerardi
    Carl Gerardi, MD, FACS

  • Dr. John Giella
    John G. Giella, MD, FACS

  • Jayant Ginde, MD, FACRO

  • Phillip C. Ginsberg, DO, JD
    Phillip C. Ginsberg, DO, JD

  • Dr. Sarah Girardi
    Sarah K. Girardi, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Gary Goldberg
    Gary D. Goldberg, MD, FACS

  • Jeffrey Neil Gordon, MD
    Jeffrey Neil Gordon, MD

  • Estella F. Graeffe, MD
    Estella F. Graeffe, MD

  • Dr. Jeffrey Grass
    Jeffrey Grass, MD

  • Joseph A. Graversen, MD, FACS
    Joseph A. Graversen, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Manuel Grinberg
    Manuel E. Grinberg, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Michael Gross
    Michael Gross, MD, FACS

  • Nikhil K. Gupta, MD

  • Dr. Harvey Gutman
    Harvey Gutman, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Jeffrey Haberman
    Jeffrey Haberman, MD

  • Michael Hagg, MD
    Michael Hagg, MD

  • Dr. Daniel Han
    Daniel Han, MD

  • Dr. Toby Handler
    Toby F. Handler, MD, FACS

  • Richard C. Harkaway, MD
    Richard C. Harkaway, MD

  • Dr. Thomas Harrington
    Thomas G. Harrington, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Joe Heimbauer
    Joseph Heimbauer, PA

  • Melissa Helton
    Melissa Helton, NP

  • Michael Herzog, MD

  • Martin HIghtower, MD
    Martin Hightower, MD

  • Lior M. Hirsch, MD
    Lior M. Hirsch, MD

  • Steven J. Hirshberg, MD
    Steven J. Hirshberg, MD

  • Dr. Eric Hochberg
    Eric M. Hochberg, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Tso-Jen Hsiao
    Tso-Jen Hsiao, MD

  • Dr. Rany Israel
    Rany Israel, PA

  • Dr. Joseph Jamal
    Joseph E. Jamal, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Jinga Jhavier
    Jigna Desai Jhaveri, MD

  • Pankaj Kalra, MD
    Pankaj Kalra, MD

  • Hyuk Jason Kang, MD

  • Dr. Deepak Kapoor
    Deepak A. Kapoor, MD

  • Anton Kapp Jr., MD, FACS
    Anton Kapp Jr., MD, FACS

  • Dr. Stephen Kappa
    Stephen Kappa, MD

  • Dr. Albert Katz
    Albert Katz, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Raman Kaul
    Raman Kaul, MD

  • Dr. Ami Kavi
    Ami Kavi, MD

  • Arjun Khosla, MD
    Arjun Khosla, MD

  • Jae Kim, MD

  • Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
    Jacqueline Kirk, NP

  • Dr. Gary Kirsh
    Gary Kirsh, MD

  • Dr. Michael Kleeman
    Michael W. Kleeman, DO, FACS

  • Dr. Alfred Kohan
    Alfred D. Kohan, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Eric Kreutzer
    Eric Kreutzer, MD

  • Dr. Eric Kuhn
    Eric Kuhn, MD

  • Dr. Ashok Kukadia
    Ashok Kukadia, MD

  • Dean Laganosky, MD
    Dean Laganosky, MD

  • Thomas F. Lanchoney, MD
    Thomas F. Lanchoney, MD

  • Craig Alan Landow, MD
    Craig Alan Landow, MD

  • Dr. Robert Larke
    Robert Larke MD

  • Dr. Kathleen Latino
    Kathleen L. Latino, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Jeffrey Layne
    Jeffrey T. Layne, MD, FACS

  • Lawrence Lee, MD
    Lawrence Lee, MD

  • John E. Leech, MD
    John E. Leech, MD

  • Dr. Gary Lefkowitz
    Gary K. Lefkowitz, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Michael Levine
    Michael A. Levine, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Matthew Love
    Matthew Love, MD

  • Dr. Robrt Luntz
    Robert K. Luntz, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Howard Lynn
    Howard S. Lynn, MD

  • Mark Lyon, MD

  • Dr. Richard Maiman
    Richard A. Maiman, MD

  • Dr. Inayat Malik
    Inayat Malik, MD

  • Antonio Mancini, DO

  • Samuel Manfrey, D.O. MSC, F.A.C.O.S.
    Samuel Manfrey, DO MSC, FACOS

  • Dr. Francis Martinis
    Francis G. Martinis, MD, FACS

  • Noah R. May, DO, FACOS
    Noah R. May, DO, FACOS

  • David E. McGinnis, MD
    David E. McGinnis, MD

  • Danielle McLaren, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

  • Dr. Orville McLean
    Orville W. McLenan, MD, FACS

  • Gregory McMahon, DO
    Gregory C. McMahon, DO

  • Dr. Brett Mellinger
    Brett C. Mellinger, MD

  • Dr. Matthew Mene
    Matthew P. Mené, DO, FACOS

  • William G. Merriam, MD
    William G. Merriam, MD

  • Dr. David Miller
    David Miller, MD

  • Dr. Brian Minnillo
    Brian Minnillo, MD

  • Dr. Eric Mitchnick
    Eric I. Mitchnick, MD, FACS

  • Jose G. Moreno, MD
    Jose G. Moreno, MD

  • Dr. Michael Nagar
    Michael S. Nagar, MD

  • Denise D. Najjar, MD
    Denise D. Najjar, MD

  • Nicos Nicolaou, MD
    Nicos Nicolaou, MD

  • Carlo Giorgio, MD
    Carlo Giorgio Nicolis, MD

  • Dr. Benjamin Niver
    Benjamin Niver, MD

  • Cara O'Brien, MD
    Cara O’Brien, MD

  • Ike Oguejiofor, MD

  • Dr. Carl Olsson
    Carl A. Olsson, MD, FACS

  • Peter Ohanes Oskanian, MD
    Peter Ohanes Oskanian, MD

  • Lynn Paik, DO
    Lynn Paik, DO

  • Dr. Rajesh Patel
    Rajesh Patel, MD

  • Dr. Elliot Paul
    Elliot M. Paul, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Andrew Pearlman
    Andrew Pearlman, MD

  • Dr. Paul Peller
    Paul A. Peller, MD, FACS

  • Jeffrey Philip, MD
    Jeffrey Philip, MD

  • Steven Pierpaoli, MD

  • Dr. Marc Pliskin
    Marc Pliskin, DO

  • Dr. Sapan Polepalle
    Sapan Polepalle, MD

  • Jose E. Pulido, MD
    Jose E. Pulido, MD

  • David Raminski, DO

  • Dr. Thomas Rechtschaffen
    Thomas Rechtschaffen, MD, FACS

  • Kaylea Reeves, APN-BC

  • Jeffrey David Reich, MD
    Jeffrey David Reich, MD

  • Dr. John Rescigno
    John Rescigno, MD

  • Dr. Riccardo Ricciardi
    Riccardo Ricciardi, Jr., MD

  • Dr. Christina Ricciardi
    Christina Ricciardi, NP

  • Victor Risch, MD, PhD
    Victor R. Risch, MD, PhD

  • Dr. Daniel Robertshaw
    Daniel Robertshaw, MD

  • John Rodgers, MD, FACS
    John Rodgers, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Rebecca Roedersheimer
    Rebecca Roedersheimer, MD

  • Brian David Rosenthal, DO, FACOS
    Brian David Rosenthal, DO, FACOS

  • Dr. Jason Rothwax
    Jason T. Rothwax, MD

  • Dr. Michael Rousseau
    Michael Rousseau, MD

  • Dr. Melissa Ruter
    Melissa Ruter, PharmD

  • Mehran Saboori, MD

  • Dr. Gurmukh Sadarangani
    Gurmukh Sadarangani, MD

  • Dr. IIan Safir
    Ilan J. Safir, MD

  • Dr. Rajiv Saini
    Rajiv Saini, MD

  • Steven M. Salva, MD
    Steven M. Salva, MD

  • Dr. Elena Savarese
    Elena Savarese, PA

  • Lee R. Schachter, MD
    Lee R. Schachter, MD

  • Teodora Ann Schellato, DO, FACOS
    Teodora Ann Schellato, DO, FACOS

  • Robert Schnall, MD
    Robert Schnall, MD

  • Dr. Marc Schumer
    Marc A. Schumer, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Bob Schwartz
    B. Robert Schwartz, MD

  • Jinesh N. Shah
    Jinesh N. Shah, MD

  • Arpeet Shah, MD

  • Dr. Brian Shay
    Brian Shay, MD

  • Molly Sheeley
    Molly Sheeley, NP

  • Yan Shibutani, MD
    Yan Shibutani, MD

  • Brian Shrimpton
    Brian Shrimpton, PA

  • Dr. Lawrence Sigler
    Lawrence J. Sigler, MD

  • Matt Soroush, MD FACS
    Matt Soroush, MD FACS

  • George Sreckovic, MD

  • Dr. Mark Stein
    Mark Stein, MD, FACS

  • Jay Steinberg, MD

  • Matthew E. Sterling, MD
    Matthew E. Sterling, MD

  • Glenn Suntay, MD
    Glenn J. Suntay, MD

  • James Sylora, MD

  • Dr. Daniel Szabo
    Daniel Szabo, MD

  • Dr. Eric Thall
    Eric H. Thall, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Stephen Trauzzi
    Stephen Trauzzi, MD, FACS

  • Charles Turk, DO

  • Sangeeta K. Tyerech, MD
    Sangeeta K. Tyerech, MD

  • Dr. William Ulmer
    William D. Ulmer, MD

  • Herbert User, MD

  • Dr. Katherine Voss
    Katherine Voss, MD

  • Stephen R. Walker, MD
    Stephen R. Walker, MD

  • Jeffrey_Walker, MD
    Jeffrey B. Walker, MD

  • Dr. Martin Walsh
    Martin Walsh, MD

  • Dr. Cynthia Westermann
    Cynthia Westermann, MD

  • JD Williams, MD

  • Dr. Patrick Wirtz
    Patrick Wirtz, MD

  • Ilene Wong, MD, FACS
    Ilene Wong, MD, FACS

  • Dr. Matthew Woolley
    Matthew L. Woolley, MD

  • Zhiming Yang, MD, PhD
    Zhiming Yang, MD, PhD

  • Ilia S. Zeltser, MD
    Ilia S. Zeltser, MD

  • Dr. Tian Chen Zhou
    Tian Cheng Zhou, MD

  • Dr. Shawn Zimberg
    Shawn H. Zimberg, MD